Libra 3 in 1 Breathable Liners with Vit E 28pk

Libra 3 in 1 Breathable Liners with Vit E 28pk disco
Libra 3 in 1 Breathable Liners with Vit E 28pk

Libra 3 in 1 Breathable Liners with Vitamin E are thin enough for everyday use, light protection for start/end of period or just in case. Breathable to allow air to circulate more effectively for a greater freshness feeling. They are designed to fit underwear for better protection with a soft cover for added comfort.  Liner is infused with Vitamin E for extra softness on your skin with a light scent. The liner is purse packed for handbag or at home use.

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Which 90’s movie talks about “surfing the crimson wave”?

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  •   Clueless
  •   10 Things I Hate About You
  •   She’s All That
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    Pretty Woman
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    10 Things I Hate About You
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    She’s All That
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