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Libra products...what is what?

There are lots of Libra products and sometimes it can be hard to navigate all of them to find out what is best for you. The short answer is that it all depends on your age, flow, the occasion and where you are in your cycle.  But no matter where you are in your cycle, we have the right product to suit you.  Regardless of your age and flow, you can use a pad or a tampon.  And don’t forget how handy Libra Liners are for those lighter days, as a back up for a tampon or just to keep your knickers fresh.

So, we've got you covered during your period but for all the other days there is our Feminine Care Range of freshness wipes, all over body wash, and heat patches to help keep you feeling like your fabulous self.

Here’s a guide that can be useful when you’re working out which products to choose.

When to use what?

We are all unique and so is our flow. Some of us experience more fluid loss than others, but never more than about four tablespoons. While different products will suit different women, you may also find that different products will suit you for different times of your cycle.

Leading up to the start of a period

When your period is on its way but you don’t know exactly when it’ll happen, we recommend you wear Libra Liners for peace of mind.

The start of your period

The heaviest flow usually happens on days 1-2 where 60% of your period is lost.  The remaining 40% usually happens on days  3-4.   For some women their period starts one day and then takes a pause the second day to then come back the third day and then continue.

It’s important to remember that the menstrual flow is not  like an open tap but is very intermittent and depends on how much you move.

During your period

Depending on your flow, Libra Tampons, Libra Pads and Libra Liners are all suitable.  Remember to use a product that has the right absorption for you - choose from light, regular or super.  

If your flow is heavy, go for super or regular in pads and tampons.  If you’re light the whole way through try light pads or mini tampons.  If you prefer tampons, Libra Liners are a great back up if you’re unsure of your flow.

If you are one of many women who experience menstrual cramping, stick on a Libra Hotties Heat Patch to help take the edge off period pain. 

End of period

Towards the end of the period when your flow usually becomes lighter any Libra Liner can be used, either on its own or as back up for a tampon.   Mini tampons and light pads are specially designed for light flow, so are ideal for the end of your period.

In-between periods

Between periods, Libra Liners are an easy way to keep dry and fresh every day.   There are 3 levels of liners to choose from.  Extra Thin are our thinnest liner for everyday freshness.  Thin Liners offer a little bit of absorbency and Thin and Long Liners provide a bit more absorbency again – due to great surface area providing more room for absorbency.

Libra Get Fresh Wipes are an easy way to freshen up when you haven't got time to freshen up. Get Fresh Wipes are individually wrapped, flushable freshness wipes that make a perfect handbag addition.

Start everyday feeling fresh with Libra Get Fresh Body Wash. Get Fresh Wash is a pH balanced all over wash that is gentle enough to use on intimate areas.


During ovulation you might experience an increase of discharge.  Again, keep feeling like your fabulous self during ovulation by starting the day off with Libra Get Fresh Body Wash, apply a Libra Liner to keep your knickers nice and keep some Libra Get Fresh Wipes for freshness on-the-go throughout the day.


At any one time, a quarter of all women between the ages of about 10 and 50 will be having their period


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