Great periods in history

The 1600s

When it came to feminine hygiene, these women did it tough. Pads were made from oil silk (because it could be easily washed), cotton fibres, cotton waste, slivers of wood known as ‘wood wool’, wadding, paper, wood fibres or linen. Tampons were made from sponges or cotton wadding held in place with a belt or string.

The 1800s

In the early 1800s, there was a real ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy on periods, and on feminine hygiene. Women were just expected to get on with it quietly! They used cloths, or rags that they pinned into their undies. After each use they would be washed and hung out to dry for re-use. Most women kept their rags tucked away in a discreet place until next time they had their periods.

Later on, the first disposable maxi pads were created, but because talking about feminine hygiene was so taboo, they couldn’t be advertised. So unfortunately not enough women found out about them and they quickly disappeared from the shelves.

The 1920s

Finally, in the 1920s people relaxed a bit about feminine hygiene, so companies could start advertising pads in women's magazines. But they weren’t like the pads you know and love. Women had to safety-pin them to their underwear or hold them in place with a "sanitary belt". This was like a garter belt that went around your waist with a strap in the front and in the back, and pins or tabs to hold the pad in place.

The 1940s

More women started to enter the workforce. And it was about time, because it meant that more women could afford to buy feminine hygiene products like sanitary pads rather than rely on the way it was pre-1940.

But they weren’t pads as we know them today. These had a net surrounding the core of the pad, while the pad itself was fastened to a girdle around the hips. Might sound a bit uncomfortable to us, but compared to the feminine hygiene alternatives it was a welcome relief for these women. 

The 1960s

Man walked on the moon, but more importantly, women could now walk without having to wear a girdle to hold their pad, because Libra invented an adhesive pad that attached directly to underwear. The pad itself was also improved considerably and now had a super-dry surface. 

The 1980s

The mullet became a fashion statement for both men and women, and Libra introduced the tampon to our range. Our individually wrapped pads were also launched  perfect feminine hygiene for the ‘80s girl on the go, plus it was also the decade where the pad first got wings that provided better protection against leaks. 

The 2000s

It seems every girl has an iPod or iPhone in their handbags, but Libra’s keeping up with the times too. It’s around this time we invented Invisible Goodnights — an awesome design that makes the pad fit perfectly and not leak when you’re sleeping.

The Future

Who knows? The tamPod?  Just kidding. However, we’ll always keep developing new feminine hygiene products to suit your needs, your body and the way you move.  Because we know that the better the fit, the better you feel.


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